4 Hour Power Writing Workshop

Learn the art of writing powerful personal stories on social media, persuasive business and personal emails to build trust using my Trust Triangle Framework & create opportunities easily without selling your soul.

Regardless of who you are - a consultant, coach or an entrepreneur, effective Communication is that one skill which can totally change the trajectory of your professional growth. And, writing everyday is that one habit which can transform your communication completely.

And, this workshop is designed exactly for that. To help you write persuasive & insightful stories online with the help of templates and frameworks, to build a strong trust & influence on your audience by using the power of words.

At Rs 199, you can get your friend or a partner to participate along with you and each can unlock Rs.28,000/- worth of bonuses

"Building a consistent writing routine has the ability to transform almost every aspect of your life as it helps you get clarity in your head."

Tim Ferriss
Author of "4 Hour Work Week"

"To write that best selling book, you first need to develop the identity of a consistent writer & build a habit that is matching to it right today."

James Clear
Author of "Atomic Habits"

"You need to start marketing your book months before & build an audience who are hungry to buy by the time you release it."

Seth Godin
Author of "Linchpin"

What can you expect from the Workshop?

This workshop will help you in 4 ways to become a better communicator online. 



Gain clarity on the bigger purpose on why you need to express your ideas so that you will NOT stop again as soon as you hit another new roadblock. 



Gain clarity on what makes you unique and how to leverage your strengths to write with purpose, intent and confidence and make your content shine. 



Gain competence as an trusted expert that your colleagues and network can trust by applying the Trust Triangle framework in all of your digital communication. 



Gain the momentum from this workshop and start writing consistently online for 30 days in a 8 weeks period to win your Personal Branding Website.

What is Covered in this Workshop?

The workshop covers everything you need to get inspired, write consistently & become a trusted expert & build your influence online by applying the trust triangle framework in every piece of communication.  


Friday (5 PM)

3 Story Rules

Understand the 3 perfect storyrules that you can apply to your writing and transform your everyday life experiences into beautiful, engaging stories for social media. 


Saturday (9 AM)

Write your First PowerStory

Write your first powerstory for social media using my simple 7C Template and share a side of you with the world and start building your authentic personal brand.


Saturday (5 PM)

The Trust Triangle Framework

Gain indepth understanding of the Trust Triangle Framework to transform your digital communication to build a deeper connection with your audience and creates rapid trust.


Sunday (5 PM)

5 Lever CEO Strategy

How to work as the CEO of your Personal brand to implement the 5 Lever Strategy to build an automation proof career or online business & impact 1000s of people.

Bonuses Worth Rs.28,000/-

On successful and complete participation of all live sessions and completion all writing tasks, you will get these amazing bonuses worth Rs.28,000/- and a chance to get MEGA Bonus by being consistent over 6-8 week period.

7C Power Story Template


My 7C Power Story Templates will help you to write stories that can leave their mark behind. You will also get to go through few examples

Get a Buddy to Join You


Get a buddy to join you, write with you and learn with you so that you both can start the writing journey together & win big.  

Power Writers Manual


Gain clarity and purpose for your writing journey & know about top 7 Free Tools that I recommend to build your Writer Brand online

Power Writer's Community Access 


Lifetime access to the private community where you can develop your Power Writing skills, connect & collaborate with others & more.


4 Power Writer's Club Sessions 


Attend 4 LIVE power writer's club sessions every week to learn about digital marketing, writing a book or building a tribe from experts.

9 Step Superfan Journey


Get my professionally crafted book on how you can transform your visitor to your superfan in 9 steps and amplify your business.

Mega Bonus


Attend all sessions and complete all the writing tasks and get a chance to continue your consistent journey with our 30-Day Writer Brand Challenge and Win a FREE Personal Branding Website

Seriously, You Have Nothing To Lose..

Since Sept 2020, over 350 writing enthusiasts and domain experts have taken this workshop and broke their writing inertia and starting working towards being consistent. Below are a few testimonials from our power writers community.

What a Bestselling Author has to say?
What a Content Manager has to say?
What a Writing Enthusiast has to say ?
What a Career Counsellor has to say?
What a Banking Consultant has to say?
What a College Professor has to say?
What a Transformation Coach has to say?
What a Digital Marketer has to say ?

About Harish Marnad

Harish Marnad is a personal growth and branding coach who has trained over 2000 professionals, coaches and entrepreneurs over the last two years in using the right medium, mode and method of digital communication to build trust, increase influence & inspire their target audience into taking specific action.

His Trust Triangle Framework is a comprehensive communication tool which helps individuals unlock communication blocks at personal and professional spheres. He leveraged this framework to win his first prize at an international contest & teaches the same to his students through this action oriented challenge.


Get Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions..​​​

No. In fact, this is the best program to get started with. 

The workshop is conducted over the weekend and most of the sessions are pre-recorded videos. And the key live session is on Sunday. So, if you plan better, there is no way, the world can stop you from becoming a power writer.

You will be writing one post on social media to test the influence you have on your network.

Yes, of course. You can do that within our exclusive WhatsApp group.

There is no retake. It is designed in such a way that you participate fully. You will have to register again by paying the fees if you want to experience this. 

There will be 2 LIVE sessions. One on Friday and another on Sunday. The remaining sessions will be Pre-recorded.

Yes if you attend all the LIVE sessions and complete all writing tasks, you will get access to the most recent copy of the programme. 

Please write to us at hi@harishmarnad.com with the proof of payment and our support team will get back to you at the earliest.

The FREE Personal Branding Website (called the Prosite) is only be given to those who are willing to take on the 100 day challenge with us. Details will be revealed on Sunday

Yes, you will not only get the topic but also the template to write for better impact. You also get to learn from what others may have written in the past to get better ideas. 

No. Due to the short nature of the workshop, it is not possible to give individual feedback. However, you will get templates with examples to write your persuasive post and measure its performance independently. 

I had the same fear before. However, there are free tools that helps us reduce our mistakes and write confidently. And, ​​the only way to overcome fear is by facing it, head on. We make you do that here.

In this programme, you do get the Trust Triangle framework & template to write better social stories & improve your persuasive skills. You also get lifetime access to our Power Writers Club community where you get to learn a lot from various sessions and programmes.

Yes, if you fully participate in the workshop, complete all the writing tasks, & attend the final LIVE session then you will get a Professional Certificate of Celebration at the end.

No. It is complimentary for those who attend all sessions and complete their writing tasks. Others may have to pay.

By writing online you get to improve your visibility which will increase the number of opportunities you can create. You can consider becoming a freelance copywriter as the next logical step if writing is your passion. If you are happy with your current career then you can use writing to enhance your chances and accelerate your growth.